Sugar Skulls Tattoo Studio

Artists - Brian

By Leon Coopsy

I already had a number of tattoo's & had heard good things about Bri at Sugar Skulls. I wanted a tattoo of a Koi carp & a written verse from one of my favourite Songs that i had wanted for a while.
I went in to see Brian to see what he could do & to see other pieces of his work. I was very impressed by what i saw & set a date to get the work done. As soon as you walk in to shop you are made to feel welcome & all is clean & serene! After having both of the above tattoo's done, i was very impressed with them & i decided i wanted a full sleeve done! We had a good old chinwag about how to do this & Bri as per was extremely helpfull to me in deciding the whole design.
He did the whole thing over a period of weeks & i am extremely happy with the end result!!! If you check out the pictures on this site, you will see my favourite piece of his work is the Mother Nature design on the inside of my bicep. (Pic on the right - HotInk).

I would recommend Sugar Skulls Tattooing to anyone wanting a good job done in clean & pleasant surroundings & have already passed his name & work on to friends. You will get what you pay for & he wont have a break as its your time & he will only pause for breaks that you want etc. Plus he,s a thouroughly nice bloke to boot & i'll be going back when my missus lets me have some more tattooing done!

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