Global Tattoo Studio (Alans)
Hoylake Road - Moreton, UK

Written By HotInk

I visited Global back in 2003, just before going to university and felt i needed something noone else i knew had to mark the occasion. The studio was called Alans back then and for around £25 i got a barbell like in the picture below.
As it was my first time in the studio other than looking at flash on the walls as a teenager, i obviously had the pre mod nerves. However, the staff were really friendly and talked me through the procedure, and making the paperwork easy to understand. All in all it was very professional, every surface seemed spotless and they asked for photo ID which was in a way reassuring. Although I was only in there for fifteen minutes or so, i got to know the piercer and most importantly they did a great job.

Rating: 10/10
Eyebrow Piercing