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Bugs -

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Bugs was born in Perpignan, France.
He opened a small tattoo studio and spent the first six years refining his craft, always drawing and working from his own designs to try to give the customer something original and different. Slowly Bugs began to develop a style unusual in the tattoo industry—a mix of cubism, art deco and classical art—which has distinguished him in the field and earned him a worldwide clientele.
As well as tattooing, Bugs satisfies his creative energy by painting which is his real passion.
Since moving to Los Angeles in January 2005 he has been focusing more of his energy on this first love which has resulted in the production of some of his finest work.

Liam Casey - Studio 31

Written by M.Warrington

A young artist at the age of 21 with a fresh perspective on tattooing. Liam has been tattooing for just over 1 year now and is already building up an impressive clientele. His favorite subject is realism with emphasis on portraits and wildlife. He works comfortably in black and grey or colour, his work can be checked out on face book as well as other mediums such as his portraits in pencil.

Valerie Vargas -

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Valerie Vargas is a tattoost working out of London, UK.

Looking by her work on the website (link above) she has amazing ability to blend colours and create bold peices. I am particularly impressed by the portraits on her website, which look as though they could well be paintings and not on skin.

Vargas is well known among the UK tattoo community and her waiting list is apparently 2 years, probably due to frequent exposure in tattoo magazines and online reviews.