AAA Tattoo

Artists - Hayley Lunt & Gabriel Wolinksi

Written by HotInk

I spent a while here a couple of years ago with Mark aka "The Shark" to get some work done on my upper right arm. In total i spent 6 hours on that piece, and was made up with the result so i returned to get it extended. I now have the roses and scroll as can be seen in the Gallery along with this Kanji on the inside of my arm. Gabriel was my artist this time as unfortunately Mark had left, but Gabe picked up the pieces and finished it off in great style, and slightly under the time frame expected (2 hours).
One thing i have noticed is both artists seem to take more care and dont hurt as much as other studios! Maybe im just getting used to them. Anyway, as Gabe was such a cool guy i would give this a 10. Not only did he point out the good and bad parts of my ideas but recommended his own and they worked out great. However I did feel it was a little rushed and maybe it was the language barrier (he is polish but speaks decent english) but It took some time to get my ideas across. I say 8/10.